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Introducing 1740

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Hold on-did you say you wrote a Scottish game without SHEEP?!

Aye, I did. Sheep are wonderful beasts, but a tad boring, what with all the standing about ba-a-a-aing. And, there are going to be sheep in the expansion deck, I promise. 1740 is about two things: gaining influence over your neighbors and stealing cattle; Cattle stealing is the 2nd oldest profession in the Highlands.(The first is haggling-weren’t expecting that, were you?)

Politics was a matter of survival for the clans; with the King of England always insisting on Scotland being part of his realm, things could get a bit dicey for any clan with too much, or too little power.  In 1740 you represent one of 6 clan chiefs with his attendant lairds, tacksmen, and soldiers. You must influence the minor clans around you, gain wealth in the form of cattle and money, and if ye can stab yer neighbor in the back while doing it, all the better.Bampot’s* been stealing your cattle anyway.

1740 is still in playtesting; check on our calendar of events for your opportunity to play!

*Bampot is Scots for idiot