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Full Version: Fire vs. Infantry
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I notice an absence of die roll modifiers to the fire vs. infantry procedure. Is that intentional?

Wouldn't untrained/green and elite/veteran troops still warrant the same die roll modifiers as are found in direct fire vs. vehicles?

Might it also be reasonable to assume that shooting at elite/veteran troops (who know better how to keep their heads down, would probably have body armor and better equipment, etc) ought to be harder to hit then shooting at green/untrained troops?

Firer is Elite/Veteran: -1 to die roll
Firer is Untrained/Green: +1 to die roll
Target is Elite/Veteran: +1 to die roll
Target is Untrained/Green: -1 to die roll

So regular troops firing at regular troops would be a net 0 modifier, elite/veteran firing at elite/veteran would be a net 0 modifier, but elite/veteran firing at untrained/green would be a -2 and untrained/green firing at elite/veteran would be at +2. I'm thinking this might model asymmetric infantry combat a bit better? Allow for more irregular troops to go against fewer veteran troops and give the veterans a fighting chance?
Yes, Direct Fire modifiers for use vs. vehicles (including quality modifiers) should also apply to Fire vs. Infantry.

The infantry rules in Crucible of Force cover infantry combat more in depth. These rules will be repeated in the China supplement to the modern rules which are in concept phase now.
Thanks! I realized the troop quality modifiers were listed as Advanced Rules, so imagined after noticing this that they might apply for infantry fire, and conceivably, other "skill" tests.
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