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World War II Comes to the Award Winning Fields of Fire Game Engine

Crucible of Force is the newest title to hit the miniature gaming market this year. Covering the early years of World War II, players can play out scenarios set during the war years between 1938 and June of 1943. Using the same game engine as our original Fields of Fire, Rules for Modern Combat, which won the Origins Award for best historical miniatures game of the year in 2014, the play system is simple yet authentic World War II combat.

Crucible of Force

The rules are available in electronic format on wargamevault.com and printed books will be shipping to our customers who purchased through preorders offered at Origins within the next week.

If you're interested in purchasing the rules please contact us through our contact-us page for now until we can get them entered in our web store.


Newer vehicles added for Fields of Fire

Both the Stryker and MRAP are some of the most modern vehicles to be added to the motor pool of the US Army as well as other national armies from different countries arround the world.  We have added the charts for these vehicles to the Fields of Fire system and we are including them here at this link.  You can download them and start using them in your battles right away



Fields of Fire Nominated, Origins 2014

The origins awards nominations were announced and Proving Ground Game's Fields of Fire was on the list. Nominated in the category of Best Historical Miniature Rules, we hope to pull off the win when Origins rolls around this year. 

We asked Heather Brown, our VP of Marketing what she thought of the nomination and she said: "We are very humbled to have Fields of Fire nominated as it was our first release as a company.  We hope you will vote for us! If you want a chance to try it out before you vote there will be several opportunities at both Cleveland Concoction and Origins to play." 

Stop by at Origins in Columbus, Ohio and vote for Fields of Fire. 

Read the full nomination announcement here.


Best Historical Miniature Rules
Fields of Fire 2nd Edition – Proving Ground Games
Fire and Sword – Wargamer
Chain of Command –Too Fat Lardies



Fields of Fire wins Origins Award

Proving Ground Game's Fields of Fire won the Origins award in the category of Best Historical Miniature Rules for 2014.  It was a great honor to have our first publication picked as the winner this year.

While at Origins, the staff at Proving Ground Games ran several games of Fields of Fire and each game session was well attended.

OA winner seal300


One of the more popular scenarios was one from the upcoming Movie Monster Madness, that will be published sometime next year as an expansion for the Fields of Fire Rules system.

The first showing of the WWII test set was also demonstrated in the sales booth.

Customers can expect to see WWII rules using the Fields of Fire system later this year.



Armor Camo Painting Guide

Painting Camouflage on Micro Armour® 

There are many methods for painting Micro Armour®, but this is one that I have found to be simple, useful and effective.


  • Miniatures to be painted
  • Primer
  • 2-3 Spray Colors
  • Mounting putty
  • Well-ventilated area for spray painting 

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